Confirmation is typically a 3-year schedule of weekly classes, activities and service opportunities. Confirmation begins in the fall of the 5th/6th grade; students are typically confirmed on Reformation Sunday (end of October) in their 8th/9th grade year depending on students progress. The Purpose of Confirmation is to teach the basics of the Christian faith and our Lutheran understanding of it, in order that each young person:
  • May know the Baptismal claim of Christ on his/her life and learn to live in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • May understand what it means to say “I believe;”
  • May grow in understanding “ministry in daily life” - how our faith affects what we say and do every day in each of our relationships;
  • May grow in understanding the Christian's responsibility in the world;
  • May experience the sense of community with other Christians.
2016/17 Confirmation classes run each Wednesday from 6:00 pm-6:45 pm weekly.  All families will receive a letter in early-September with detailed information on Confirmation and what to expect.  All Confirmation students are also expected to serve as Worship Assistants on Sunday mornings through serving as a reader, an acolyte or working on the technology/media team. For more information, contact the church office at (608) 754-0261 for: Pastor Jeff Tomberlin